Saturday, 31 October 2009

Zoe: Happy Halloween

So much of this has been about Sonny but tonight Ruby really made her presence felt and it was amazing to really put her first for a change. Traditionally this is Ruby's favourite night of the whole year. She even rates it above her birthday and Christmas however, with it being half term we were only too happy for her to go and spend some time with Nanny and Da. But on Thursday night she rang us in floods of tears saying that she wanted to come home. It was vaguely comforting knowing that Halloween and the delightful ritual of trick or treating formed the root of her worry and we were only too happy to oblige. I vaguely went into mild panic as I'd done nothing about her costume and woke this morning to Gav texting me about the location of cloaks etc. After a quick phonecall she was quickly reassured that she could be a Halloween Angel (thank god for Nanny's angel costume from 2 years ago) and a bit of gold eyeshadow and talcum powder. We returned triumphant with a loot to rival Woolworth's pick and mix counter.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Agent Norwood was working her magic and delivered a spectacular competition winning pumpkin to Sonny which was displayed proudly for all the children on the nurses desk. Sonny amused himself with trick or treating nurses while relaxing on his bed feasting from a huge box of halloween cupcakes delivered by the Fordes whilst basking in Arsenal's 3-0 hammering of the Scum and looking forward to Hamiliton starting in pole position tomorrow. What a day...

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