Friday, 9 October 2009

Zoe: Another Biopsy

Sonny had his biopsy today - the doctors said it went well. The anaesthetist warned us that there may be complications due to the location of his mass so we were incredibly relieved to hear him shouting that they were all 'poor' and 'stupid' when we arrived to collect him from recovery. They took two needle samples from his left side but were unable to take any from the new mass on his right as it was too deep so fingers crossed that they have enough good tissue to make a complete diagnosis this time around. Unfortunately, they nicked Sonny's lung during the procedure, hence the shouting, so he is now really uncomfortable and needing morphine but luckily they didn't do anything too serious although frankly I could have killed them plus they also chipped one of his perfect front teeth which seems really trivial in the grand scheme of things but hey give the lad a break eh.

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  1. Sonny has got a great line in put downs tho hasn't he?, - I'm going to use 'you're poor' all day today. give him a snuggle from us x