Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Gavin: Travel insurance

OK, it's pretty rare that holiday insurance is used but I know of a couple of other trip accidents that have warranted a decent response. Which is why I'll implore anyone reading to have travel insurance whenever they go abroad. We had a yearly policy from getmy.com which is obviously a call centre that links to a broader insurance company - hence it was about £3.50. Whatever, they were amazing. Putting us in touch with GOSH, organising flights homes for me and rubes and obviously, getting Sonny and Zoe onto a Lear Jet into RAF Northolt and then an ambulance into GOSH. But it wasn't just the big impressive stuff that was so err, impressive... they rang every day, we spoke to a proper oncologist as our liaison and they also flew a doctor out from England to travel back with Sonny to make sure everything was alright. I'm not into bigging up firms, and I'm sure they'll be rubbish if you lose your travellers cheques, but www.getmy.com rock.

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