Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Zoe: Chip Ahoy!

Sonny is quickly building up the strength to walk much further distances without support but his feet are still giving him some trouble so today the Physio team made him a clever pair of boots to wear which will help him recover from the nerve damage caused by the chemo. He was slightly hesitant as he thought they were going to be made out of plaster but they were actually quite light and comfortable. After that his day just got better and better with a constant stream of visitors. I thought he'd be exhausted but the steroids must be kicking in as he shouted up a trip to the chippy in his new sporty wheelchair before settling down to an evening of Carling Cup entertainment - Arsenal 2: Liverpool 1.

Sonny has sailed through today - some kids do apparently!


  1. That is great news (obviously not the Liverpool part grrrrr) but the rest made us all smile here. Keep it up Sonny you are a star xxx

  2. Hiya - Quick warning - you can't copy and paste into here! Gabe's typed out his message to Sonny in word and now yrs truely will just have to retype it all! At least I can correct all the typo's and the TERRIBLE grammar tho so here goes...

  3. O you can! it worked...phew! Here Gabe message Sonny xx

    Hi Sonny,
    hope you feel ok, nothing exciting going on out here except Halloween. I’ll see if I can send some sweets.
    Today my dad got me Spore Creature Creator which is really cool; you create your own creature. I created one called Parrosauras, its like a parrot mixed with a dinosaur, it’s quite cool. I will try and send you a picture.
    On Sunday my mum and dad took me to Hampstead Heath to fly my new stunt-power kite, my dad kept crashing it. We also walked dogs there, Connor’s Alsatian called Audrey and our friends new Jack Russell called Hobbes and Charlie’s dog Bingo.
    Here’s some things people in the class said:
    Fazana :stay happy
    Hakan :get well soon
    Rachel[teacher]:recover quickly so you can learn more HAHAHA!
    Thats not all .
    Get better soon , the class feels empty without you. Hope I can see you soon.
    Good luck on your next scan.
    From Gabriel

  4. Thanks Gabey, what a lovely note. Nice use of a semi-colon and your spelling and grammar was perfect. May be worth reminding your dad it's 'truly' and he doesn't need an apostrophe in 'typos'.