Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ruby: my view

when I first found out that sonny had cancer I felt like 200 bombs had hit me. I was scared and frightened about what was coming up. I went to sleep that night and felt rubbish I didn't like doing anything but then my dad came out and I had a parent with me every night. When sonny went back to London I went to stay with my nanny I went to see sonny ones every week on Friday and stayed with my mum and dad for the weekend. I started school and my mum and dad had to come home early every night just so they could feed me I sometimes went with one of sonny's friends to the hospital that meant I could see sonny more often and I went to my friends houses most of the time and have dinner there.I am feeling allot better now sonny is in good care but what I think has happened is that my family has grown stronger and is getting stronger as we go on.

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  1. Ruby it is so great to hear from you on this blog! I'm sure you are absolutely right about your family getting stronger and stronger and i'm sure Sonny and your Mum and Dad really appreciate how brave you are being. You are a real role model - Lola can't believe how grown up you sound! She can't wait to see you and sends you massive hugs. Take care xxxx