Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Gavin: You lookin' at me?

Sonny's hair was starting to grow back due to the lapse in treatment. Unfortunately, it was growing back in the fashion of a POW so I decided to cut it off again. During shaving, Sonny asked me for a mohican. I'm finding it very difficult to say no to him at the moment. Sorry mum.


  1. Great mohican Sonny. Add a bit of red on that and it's Freddie Ljungberg all over again. I can hear it ringing out now, "We love you Sonny because you've got red hair..."
    Sorry, again, Mum.

  2. Cool mohican Sonny, I bet your Dads jealous as he has a kind of reverse mohican which just isn't cool!
    Lots of love Fen xx