Friday, 2 October 2009

Zoe: Another Weekend

This time last week I was convinced that Sonny would be feeling much better by Monday if he had total bedrest and no visitors. How wrong I was and although he is stable his condition remains very much the same so instead of going over old ground I thought I'd talk about the nice things that have happened this week.

Our blog! Hi to all of you that have had a look and come back again for another peek and thank you for all your lovely messages of encouragement. So far we've enjoyed posting - it helps to vent and I think we are both finding it quite theraputic. If we don't blog one day, please don't panic it just means we haven't got round to it.

Sonny sitting up in bed: Gavin and I came back from a meeting with the doctor to find Sonny sitting up in bed reading Match Magazine... and Sonny laughing out loud at I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? book sent to him by his friend Andrew.

Food! Really huge thanks to Amelia for setting up the most amazing Islington food delivery service. It is absolutely brilliant of you all and we really really appreciate it. This week we have enjoyed a delicious Thai red curry from Franny complete with wine and profiteroles and a hamper the size of Mary Poppins handbag from Judy including freshly made pancakes with summer fruit compote and chocolate brownies - no pressure guys, we don't normally feast like Kings!

Champion's League: Arsenal winning 2:0 and Liverpool's defeat.


  1. Hi Sonny, Steve came in from walking Belle around the fields this morning and giving the cattle their hay. He saw loads of rabbit tracks in the frost! So---- WE NEED YOU TO COME DOWN AGAIN THIS SUMMER TO HELP US SHOOT THEM!!Have you a computer game so that you can practice??The blasted things (the rabbits, NOT the computer games) eat all the grass meant for the cows, dig out all the hedges which start falling down amd leave huge holes in the fields. I worry that a cow in full flight may go in a hole and break a leg whilst running for his/her grub!!

    Hurry up and get better so that you can come and give us a hand with this. Hopefully you won't go to the beach at Praa Sands and come back drowned in rain water like you did last time. Do you remember?? You were all soooo wet!

  2. ican haz thst the cat thing?

  3. Sorry for my coment "test"
    is it possible to delete it?