Monday, 26 October 2009

Zoe: New beginnings

Big day today with two major happenings. Firstly Sonny has been eating well enough to come off his TPN which means he is no longer being fed through his line. This is a really big deal as it means that provided he is well enough we can go outside for a breath of lovely London air as he won't be attached to his drip stand 24/7.

The second and probably most anticipated event was that Sonny was declared 'fit' for chemo and finally started his new treatment protocol for Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma. Lets nail this sucker. All hopes of cruising through it this time were quickly parked as he was soon busy puking despite every anti-sickness drug being painstakingly administered prior to starting. Sonny remained stoic and calm and its quite chilling to see how used he is to feeling quite rubbish. I've now got to try and encourage him to eat so that he can swallow the small pile of steroids that are also part of this protocol which ironically can't be taken on an empty stomach.

We are cheering ourselves up with the magical healing powers of Peter Kay.

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  1. I read this blog religiosly and think of you all.
    A huge hug and kiss and keep positive.
    Lots of love
    Anna Rita