Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Zoe: Stake Out

I'm delighted to report that Sonny had a much more comfortable day today. He has been awake for most of the day and his temperature was even normal once or twice but don't get too excited its been off the scale a few times too. However, he ignored his teacher while racking up a hi-score of 103 playing zombie cricket to my sad 38, opened parcels (nice one thank you Rob) watched a repeat of Soccer AM and sat through a rather limp DVD called Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler while the medicine to clear his glandular fever slowly dripped in - the best day we've had for weeks really.

Meanwhile, Gav and I were still rather anxious following yesterday's cock-up. Nobody seemed to be able to tell us much up here so I played detective and tracked Sonny's consultant down, waiting for him to finish his clinic in a rather swish private wing of the hospital to make sure we had some answers today. Turns out it was cancelled because the theatre he was due to have the procedure in was too basic for someone with his complications but it would have been nice for them to tell somebody looking after him. Our consultant was still jolly cross and pardoned his French of yesterday and is trying to get him on the list tomorrow. The nurses were rather wide eyed when they found out where I'd been but I gave a wink to the kind one who had tipped me off.


  1. Good on you girl way to go love sian

    ps Alex wrote it because im bored (only coz im GROUNDED!!)

  2. sleep tight Inspector Clouseou x