Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Zoe: In no particular order...

The X Factor finalists visited the ward today. They are recording 'You are not alone' for Great Ormond Street - sob. They were all pretty cool actually considering how uneasy we felt when we first landed there and they spent ages with all the families that wanted to meet them. However, Sonny refused to cooperate and chose to spend his photo opportunity asleep grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Never mind though eh... we soon got amongst it and chatted to the lovely Lucie who Ruby is voting for as 'she looks like her teacher Sophie apparently'.


  1. Ok so maybe none of this will make sense as I can hardly see what I am typing through the tears( something Jamie has felt often lately with the Liverpool results!!)
    Reading back on your weeks of your highs and lows I can hardly believe it has taken this long for the news of Sonny to reach Muswell Hill.
    This Blogg is amazing, as are you all for thinking of us all out here wondering how you are.
    I can't believe how grown up Ruby and Sonny sound and Sonny not quite 10 yet. I always remember thinking he was older than Emily as they seemed to get on SO well (the only boy she has ever liked and invited to her parties) NOT like the boys in her school now ( good boyfriend material..... or is it just us being pushy parents as we loved you guys with the ability to drink like us and buy shocking things at school auctions???)
    I want to send you all our love from way up here in Muswell Hill (not sure how long it will take to get to you but it is on it way!!! So in the dark of the night when you are feeling cold and tired we are sending you a warm loving hug x.
    Sorry for taking so much space to say we LOVE you from James, Sally, Emily, Tom and Henry XXxxx

  2. Is it OK to admit that Bessy and I have voted for Stacey and that we might be a tiny bit jealous of your photo opportunity.