Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gavin: one step forward...

After a drop in oxygen levels yesterday Sonny had an X-ray and Ultrasound. These show another tumor has grown in the other side of his chest. At this stage, the Consultants are unsure as to what this could be. Either made by the Lymphoma, a new infection created by the Glandular Fever or indeed something completely obscure, we have had CT scans this morning and the surgical team are reviewing those at 2pm to try to get to the bottom of it. From here they will go straight to a biopsy to determine exactly what they are dealing with and then start the right treatment. You begin to realise the unpredictable nature of these diseases means they don't respond the same every time. And this lack of consistency brings about complications. Sonny is actually feeling better. His temperatures are less pronounced and he has bouts of sitting up and watching TV etc. We can only take this as a positive as any improvement in his overall health will make starting the chemo again more likely. Considering he started this journey in Italy with more tumors and was on constant oxygen, we're still positive that although there seems to be a renewed urgency about his case, we are in safe hands.


  1. Gav - so glad that Sonny is feeling better - you must be right, the stronger he's feeling the quicker you can get back on course. We're thinking of you all the time here in Surrey mate x

  2. Hi Sonny,

    Hope you get well soon, I'm sure you will be out kicking the ball again in no time.

    From everyone next door (no. 32)

    p.s. hope you like the card and the present