Monday, 5 October 2009

Zoe: Febrile Excuse

Today Sonny was very unhappy and anxious in anticipation of his endoscopy later today which was planned to see if there was anything suspect in his bowel making him so incredibly hot all the time. From past experience we knew he'd be one of the last on the list due to him being a big grown-up 9 and not 9 months old but by 4pm we were getting twitchy when we still hadn't been given a time to go down. At 4.30 our rather cross consultant had the unwelcome job of telling us that some muppet had cancelled the procedure on Friday due to the fact that he was febrile! Duh! Feeling helpless I went to plead with the gastro team to see if they could squeeze him in only to be told they'd all gone home. Not helpful grrrrrrr.

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  1. Can't imagine the frustration you must feel when these things screw up. I'm keeping up to date with things by popping in here regularly. What an amazing family you are! With love and all the wishes in the world for good stuff! xx