Friday, 30 October 2009

Gavin: The secret diary of Sonny Anderson age 9 and 3/4

Friday 30th October

2am: I needed a wee so dad got up and got me a bottle. I sat on the edge of the bed while he wrote it all down in their special pad that records everything. As he went to pick it up he grabbed it from the wrong end and sprayed it all over my bed. Took him about 45 minutes not just to change everything and wash down my mattress but to rinse out my teddies and get rid of the soaking paper he'd left at the end. I didn't mind as I'm quite chatty when I have a wee so we discussed football and the game at the weekend. Dad didn't say too much as he seemed to be concentrating on the job in hand. I laughed a lot though.

9am: Mum bought in coffee and stuff for dad and he got my pills ready. Dad seemed a bit short with mum and mentioned something about 'a 2 hour fitful nap'. He must mean the afternoon one he normally has at work.

10am-3pm: Lots happened. Nanny and Da came up with Ruby and me and mummy did loads of Physio. I shouted at all of them as Nanny had bought some chocolate and I can't stand it. I heard mummy whispering to nanny about 'mood swings' and 'steroids'. She must be talking about grandma going through the change.

4pm: So who's great idea was it to give me not one but two injections for swine flu? Frankly, they bloody hurt and I'm really upset that despite having everything pumped in me for the last three months they still think it's not enough. I AM NOT A PIN CUSHION. Uncle Paul came to see me who's just got back from building a school in South Africa for under privileged kids. I was too upset to really talk about it with him. Dad ate some of the chocolate.

6pm: All drugs over which means I'm not attached to anything. My amazing mum had booked a table at Ciao Bella and the four of us went out for dinner. First time since god knows when. I had meatballs and spaghetti and a lemon sorbet. There's a couple of steps in the restaurant and I gave them a go too. It was a terrific dinner and we all had a really nice time doing impressions of master chef.

8pm: Just me and mum here now as Dad has gone home with Rubes. Jamie Oliver is on (more cookery shows) and there is also some talk about me coming home soon if I carry on improving like I am. As Ice Cube once said "today was a good day".

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