Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gavin: The bedside blog

Not much happened since yesterday to be honest. Sonny still switching between the odd smile and chat about his birthday celebrations to a 40+ temperature. They seem to have levelled things out a bit with pethidine every 2 hours in between the paracetamol - which helps. He had low counts last night (fairly normal for a kid in his position) so they gave him his first bag of blood to top up whatever was lacking. He was nervous, queezy and a bit scared (he didn't like the idea of someone else's blood in him, fair enough I reckon) but as with all these things, after it had gone in and he realised it hadn't turned him into the Hulk, he was much happier. The next one will be a breeze...

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  1. Sonny, please could you tell us when your birthday is?