Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gavin: Questions, questions...

Right, response to comments that have been left:
1. Sonny's birthday is 17th November 1999
2. Louis, Sonny hasn't been back to scouts yet but he really enjoyed it so when he's better he'll go again I'm sure. By the way, did you know I was cub of the year 1981?
3. The address of the hospital is Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, Great Ormond Street, WC1N 3JH.
4. Rob, he has a future in medicine, not hairy bikers. He may get his stethoscope caught in a chain or something.
5. Alex was grounded for talking back to his father in front of his friends in a defamatory way. Quite right too.


  1. So.. we're coming to see in December Sonny all the way from Australia, so beware. I'm not sure if remember Jemma but you were born v near each other (you are ten days older than her you old man) and last time we saw you a few years back, she and her pesky sister (Kit that is) tried to bash ya! Hm.. sorry about that. Still I promise they are very civilised girls and wont this time - honest, maybe....
    We know lots about cancer and know how tough being in hospital is, so BOOOOOOOOOOring at times and also a bit painful. Dad says he has lost weight which sound good..but not for you to loose too much.
    Give your lovely old mum a big snog from me.. and tell her we like your blog..we might do one too! Whatever happened to your dads great scouting promise - hm, that all went out the window then..
    Big hugs..see you soon..
    Amy and Andy (In Australia) (mate)

  2. Hi sonny!
    I can't imagine how bored you are.
    School hasn't been intresting,same old boring work.
    Are you aloud to meet the other kids in the hospital?
    What would you like to do once you have got out of hospital?
    We'll have to have a big party!
    It's the best kids hospital in the UK!
    Has anybody famous visited you yet?
    Wish you well,
    Jamie McDermott.

  3. Hey Gavin, Dr Melinda Rees, your friendly Psychologist here ;-) couldn't help commenting on your comments about Ruby...well, I passed her on the stairwell today at school and chirped "Hello Ruby" and she chirped back, full of bouyancy and excitement. So, my clinical assessment today is that she is a robust and happy child, with a loving reflective family, who she (understandably) wants to hang around...and she is doing just fine. Prognosis: severely good. Treatment: NFA (no further action) xxx