Thursday, 1 October 2009

Gavin: The bedside blog

So, the ultrasound guys have just left as they came up to the room rather than Sonny having to go to them which was nice. Our lovely nurse organised that for us despite the on-call registrar saying he was ok to go down. I don't think they like to put the specialists out... the levels of hierarchy in this place is fascinating. Anyway, surprise, surprise, they couldn't find anything. Which means he now has 2-3 days to get the temperature down or as Zoe says below, its Endoscopy day Monday. That should be fun...

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  1. Hope they solve that one soon Gav, just found the comments thingy on here. Life continues as usual at Tyndale, tell Sonny at least he's missing loads of homework. I had to have one of those endoscope things once and I found out why they call it that when they uttered the imortal phrase 'roll on your left side and draw your knees up to your chin please!'!I got through the whole thing by reading out the weights conversion chart I found stuck to the wall in front of my face in a loud voice. Diane sat outside in a state of total confusion. Sonny a big thumbs up to you for putting up with it all, Gabe can't wait to come in and show you his new Nerf gun, he wants to hunt some nurses : ) Lots of love and thoughts from us here in 'the burrow' and hope to see you soon. Xx Mark xX