Monday, 5 October 2009

Sonny: A view from my bed

Sonny fancied writing about how he felt so I'm dictating....

Today was very annoying. The doctors said I was having a scan and I wasn't allowed to drink anything but it turned out I wasn't on the list for the scan so I'd been disabled from drinking for 5 hours for nothing. I feel so fed up. Very fed up. And that's it for today.


  1. Hi Sonny, its Aunty Sian, I have just read your blog & i'm not suprised you are so fed up, nothing to drink,waiting around & then not being able to have it done, i think you deserve to be fed up,more than fed up, you deserve to be sooooooo cross & grumpy & moody [you could be all of the seven dwarfs!]
    We think you have been so good & we miss not seeing you, so when you are feeling up to a visit Alex, Uncle Keith & me would love to pop up & spend some time with you. Till then you take care sweetie, speak to you when you feel upto it Love from us xxx

  2. Hi sonny, this is louis - hope you've been able to have a drink and hope you get better soon. have you been to scouts again?

  3. Hiya Sonny its Alex sorry to hear about what happend,its crazy how could they forget about you! When im able to come and see you ive got a nice surprise for you (i know your going to like it).See at the moment im bored like you but for a different reason guess what im ground (such a surprise).

    Write back soon and also get better soon.
    Lots of love Alex.