Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Zoe: Gifts

A package arrived today for Sonny (nice surprise Rob, thank you!) and he felt bright enough to to sit up in bed to open it and even brighter when he saw that his status as Arsenal Stato Master was going to be taken to another level when he saw the contents: The All New Official Arsenal Miscellany and The Little Book of Arsenal - Mastermind here we come.

Sonny has been showered in gifts since he was taken ill - Santa is going to have his work cut out this year to top the dazzling array of extravagant, brilliant and thoughtful presents - I don't think the boy wants for anything and when he is better I'm sure he'll thank you all personally. There are two kind people he won't be able to thank though who sent us some packages that were too big to get through our letterbox - I'm really sorry but I haven't been able to collect them from the post office and when I tried to get them redirected they said it was too late... I don't know what has happened to them but hope they find their way back to you.

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  1. Hi Hun, We are in most of the day, by all means get stuff delivered here and we'll drop it round when you're in, can easily pick up stuff from the post office too if you need, just gimmie the card thingy at school.
    xx Mark Didee & Gabe xx