Sunday, 11 October 2009

Zoe: Intensive scare

Sonny has been exhausted following the biopsy on Friday. He is now in a lot less pain from the nick in his lung but the disease itself has been causing a few problems with a drop in Sonny's blood pressure, fluid collecting in the wrong places and more reliance on oxygen. The good news is though he is back on chemotherapy so these symptoms should clear up when the chemo starts to work its cell killing magic. Our own emotional state was not helped by the fact that it was a weekend - the nurses are over stretched and numbers are often made up with agency staff. Although highly experienced our nurse yesterday normally works in intensive care and her intensive care of Sonny ended up totally freaking out Gavin and I into thinking that his situation was going downhill when in fact they had everything perfectly under control and were already one step ahead in terms of making him more comfortable. Or, her swift intervention was needed... we'll never know.

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