Friday, 16 October 2009

Gavin: Masterchef

For those of you that we haven't told, Sonny is obsessed by cookery programs. Apparently, it's a common side effect of not actually eating but being fed through a line, which is why it was so nice when our friend Jo organised for him to decorate some cakes. But these weren't just any cakes. They came with hats and aprons and little bowls of sweets and everything he needed to turn him into the next Ludovic (I know he's out, but he should have won surely). Here's a before, during and after photo. The last one is him doing his best Michel Roux impression "they're a little underdone but I like them like that". We've now spent the rest of the day sucking on spoons for too long and saying "this has some incredible textures my friend".

It may help to watch at least one episode of Masterchef to understand this post.


  1. Like Ludo, it looks like Sonny cooks from 'is 'art. yummy.x

  2. Sonny, as Michel Roux would say "They are as pretty as a picture" You look like you had fun with your mum?? I will let you know when the next chef comes in. x

  3. Hi sonny
    Got a poem for you...
    He lives inside my bedroom
    My very special pet
    I've had my skunk for five years now
    And no one's noticed yet.
    One more thing, what would you like for
    your birthday?
    Get well soon!
    From Jamie