Sunday, 1 November 2009

Gavin: The day today

To say Sonny goes from strength to strength is an understatement. The steroids have now firmly kicked in to give him the appetite of a olympic weight lifter which so far today has seen him polish off:

1 bowl of sugar puffs
1 handful of rasberries
1 handful of grapes
1/2 a melon (small)
1 cupcake (see picture)
1 plate of spaghetti
1 bag of hula hoops
1 can of diet coke
5 fish fingers
3 slices of mango
1 apple
1 bottle of water
1 glass of mango juice
1 more cup cake
Assorted quality street (streets?)

To put this amount slightly into context, we got up at 10am and I'm writing this at 3. I need to go now because he's eyeing me up and down and licking his lips. I'll let the photos tell the story...

Easy like a sunday morning

No pain, no gain

Eating the poshest cup cakes in Europe (thanks Brian and Jenny)

Robin Van Persie pops in for a bath

The drip stand tells the full story (see the old one here)

Our little cup cake

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