Thursday, 12 November 2009

Gavin: Charity begins at err, france

Many of our friends have been incredibly kind with all the gifts they've sent to Sonny. I won't list them here because you know who you are and trust us, watching him enjoy every single one of them has been a real treat. Alongside this, there have been some other big things happening. One of my clients - T-Mobile - held a cake sale for him at their Head Office and raised over £200 to spend as he likes. Considering not one of them have ever met Sonny it's an amazing thing to do. Another client from our Bristol office - LV - held a night to raise money for GOSH and Andy, our MD down there is running the London Marathon on behalf of a cancer charity as long his knee doesn't fall off beforehand. All go into the box marked 'pretty special stuff'.

I'm sure there's more that I can't think of at the moment but the best one for us is that my sister Sian has just completed a marathon in Nice on behalf of GOSH, raising over £1000. It's hugely impressive that she did that to be honest and is therefore worth a special mention. Thank you Sian, we're very, very touched.

I doubt she'd want me to post pictures of her running 26 miles in 30 degree heat, so scroll down for pictures of her as a teenager sitting in a field looking sullen.

Only joking hun... here's the kids playing wii.

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