Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Gavin: Sweet baby Jesus

I met the kids and Zo tonight at the Barbican to watch the premier of 'Nativity' a new British film with Martin freeman and that big bloke who did 'my new best friend' or something like that. Not being Leicester Square, the intimate surroundings meant that the stars were only sitting a few rows from us and whooped, laughed, clapped and commented throughout. Normally, I would have got the manager, but it was ace. It felt like you were in their gang and made it a really great night. At the end, we cadged the lift meant for the stars ("four coming up" said the burly security guard into his wrist) jumped in the car and bought a bag of chips. The film was actually pretty good in a not-as-good-if-Richard-Curtis-was-involved kind of way but we all really enjoyed it. I'd probably advise you take the kids rather than make it a hot date but I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.

And, before you start getting jealous about all the perks we're getting from the Hospital, Zo bought the tickets online for 9 quid each with no involvement from GOSH at all. Which is virtually free, man (see what I did there? Martin Free, man? oh, never mind).

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