Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Zoe: 52 Shopping Days to Christmas

It's official folks, Christmas is just two pay packets away. I usually get very cross with any mention of Christmas before December however if recent events have taught us that anything then everything is worth celebrating so we'll share with you two quite different events that have got us all in the festive mood.

1. Sonny ate his first mince pie. He spied one for 99p in Pret yesterday which I refused to buy. However, the craving refused to leave him so today the two of us set out on a mission to Waitrose where you'll be pleased to discover has a full range of mince pies on offer from Charlies posh organic £2.49 for 4 to the ones that ended up in my basket - plain shortcrust which were £1.24 for 6. A bargain I think you'll agree and when heated are to quote Sonny; 'Delicious'.

2. Ruby went to Regent's Street to witness the switching on of the Christmas lights. This year's celeb was a little lost on Rubes (Colin Firth) but she didn't mind as she was looking forward to hob-nobbing with the Saturdays and Mayor Boris on the red carpet premier of A Christmas Carol as a guest of her Uncle Paul.


  1. I am so jealous Ruby !!!! Mainly of Colin Firth!

  2. Was thinking about you when in Dublin this w/e - esp the fun-lovin' Oirish being dexterous supporters of CELEBRATING EVERYTHING GOING, bejeez.

    Went to check your blog on my return (nosey cow) to read wonderful progress, which is so great. Nice one Sonny :))))

    Brought back with me an annoying joke for you - and an Irish accent a must:

    An Irish man knocks on the door of this house,
    Whereby a lady answers
    The Irish man says to lady: "Would yer loike yer shed retirrd?"
    Lady replies: "No tanks"
    So he took her shed.

    Now lay off the mince pies - you can do too much of a good thing you know (unless you're Irish).