Thursday, 5 November 2009

Gavin: Home sweet home

So here we all are, back under the same roof and loving it. The difference in Sonny being home this time is massive - we thought that constant pain and sickness from last time were the norm - but he's chirpy, eating and already getting annoyed by his sister. The nerve damage in his legs is quite scary, but he's already making improvements and, as he continues to build muscle, will hopefully start to return rapidly. Luckily there aren't too many stairs in our bloody three story house for him to cope with.

My first job today was to go to the pharmacist to pick up his prescription which I thought would be a bag full. Turned out I had slightly underestimated what he would need (pic below) and, alongside the wheelchair, commode, bath lifts and splints we're starting to look and act like a proper hospital. Zo has refused to wear the nurses uniform I've got her but I'm very happy to pull on a pair of brown jumbo cords and say things like 'this boy needs 20mg of capri sun and a petis filous infusion'


  1. Gavin you are blooming hilarious you !!! I think you should wear the nurses uniform and I am thinking in the style of Kenny Everett.

    It is brilliant news about being home, Emily and I did a little dance around the room when we saw that wooooohooooo!!
    Love to all ......... and Ruby brothers are there to be annoyed muhahhahahahah
    Emily says she is very very very glad.x

  2. Just found out..... FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Well done Sonny!
    I reckon Sally might be onto something Gavin!
    Now we can bundle round to yours and visit you all!!!
    Its made my day, can't wait to tell Eva when I see her after school.