Sunday, 29 November 2009

Gavin: Back to school

Things are good in the Anderson household. Sonny is back on the steroids as part of his chemo which means he's eating like a horse again. Balancing this with Ruby is tricky. She's not got the healthiest relationship with food so watching her brother eat crap all day to try and gain fat is really hard for her as we stick another bowl of muesli under her nose.

It seems almost strange to think he now has cancer. If his legs were ok and he was in a bit better physical shape the only giveaway would be his hair. We're praying he stays infection free and touch wood, we're a month in and nothing has arisen yet. In fact, his sickness is at an all time low, he isn't suffering from mouth ulcers (another common side effect) and he's the chirpiest he's been even on the mood swinging steroids.

The big news is that a return to school is looming. Although I think both Zo and I would prefer him to stay in the sterile home environment, he can only benefit from some normality and friends around him. The outreach nurse has a big meeting on Monday with the school nurse and headteacher where they will go through everything that needs to happen to keep him out of danger. Luckily, Zoe doesn't have to return to work so, like a protective bear, is able to loom over him all day until she realises chewing the end of his pencil won't do him too much damage.

And when I say bear, I mean tiny little sparrow.

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