Monday, 2 November 2009

Gavin: Clickety, click

On Friday night I added a click counter to the blog using HTML which frankly puts another career change at my fingertips if I chose to leave the heady heights of recruitment advertising. This means we now have something else to obsess over as since then, the site has been viewed nearly 500 times which seemed an amazing amount and made us emotional that so many people are thinking of Sonny. Arguably, around 400 of them will be us looking to see if anyone else has looked which is all a bit through the looking glass and defeats the object a bit I suppose.


  1. Hello I don't know if u remember me but I am Emily I used to be in your class at school. I am hoping you are gonna get better and go home soon and eat as many treats as you are allowed to.
    From Emily x

  2. HI Sonny, Glad you enjoyed the cakes and got them ok! We read your blog everyday and it's now part of our routine. We're in awe of all of you quite frankly! What an utterly cool and wonderful family you have. It's always difficult to know what to say but we think about you daily and are inspired by your strength and resilience.
    Now hurry up and get better so you can come and stay with us in the country and look at sheep.
    I know you don't know us very well but we think you rock!
    Keep up the good work Team Anderson. Jenny Forde xxxx

  3. Hi Sonny
    keep eating those cup cakes - I want to read that you're at home making them yourself soon.

    Ruby - Shannon wants to hear more from you too

    I think the drip stand looks so much better now!

    Lots of love to you all from Sunny Seaford (not).

    xxxxx Nikki, George & Shannon xxxx