Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gavin: A future in medicine

Last night was a funny one. When I arrived Zoe wasn't happy with the various different consultants telling her different things that related to their own different speciality. Sonny was having a CT scan and an endoscopy (camera down the throat to take some biopsies) today despite thinking that glandular fever was causing the temperatures and being on a course of drugs to cure that. We sat down with one of the consultants we know and basically told him that we didn't think it was right to put Sonny through 2 major things in a day when we hadn't given the drugs chance to work. Although Zoe had signed consent for the endoscopy, we asked for the procedure not to go ahead. Remarkably, they thought it was a good idea, were happy for him not to have it and agreed with our thinking. I was pleased, but a bit shocked. I mean these decisions aren't for me to make and to be honest, I thought I'd be told to shut up in the nicest possible way. The Gastro Specialist has seen me this morning and also agreed, saying the procedure will now take place on Monday if nothing else seems to be having an effect. I'm now scared that we've done the wrong thing but equally pleased that you do seem to carry a big voice in his own well-being. There is obviously room for love, care and attention amongst the Aciclovir and Daunarubicin. I am now practicing in the mirror with a stethoscope and considering a major career change.

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