Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gavin: Celebrity Visitor

We've had two since Sonny's been at GOSH if you don't count the clowns that come round regularly. I go a bit red with the clowns and have to leave. They're brilliant and Sonny loves them but I find it all a bit embarrassing and have to go for a fag - It's my problem not theirs.

Anyway, the first was on the outpatients ward (oh... remember those days) and we had a visit from Batista. Nope, me neither. Or Sonny. Or anyone else in the hospital who doesn't follow WWF wrestling. Which is why we think he came in, had his photo taken and left. He was simply sick of people saying "roll over and have your picture taken with The Barista darling". Which is our excuse to why he was rubbish. On the flight over he could have learnt a couple of phrases like"let's get this cancer in a double nelson and beat it together" or "when I fought Stone Cold Steve Austin it was as damn near tough as Lymphoma". But he didn't; He leant near Sonny (who I thought did a pretty good job of hiding his bemusement) and had a photo. Then left. That's it. Honestly, if he hadn't made me look like Mr Bean I'd have had words.

I'll let Zoe tell you about Gary Barlow...

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