Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Zoe: Glandular Fever

It turns out that the crazy temperatures are to do with Sonny having glandular fever. I never imagined I'd be pleased to hear that. They are giving him some medication for this today and will continue to give him this once a week until tests show he no longer has it. Lots of hoo ha about this drug - we have to have a nurse with us at all times in case of allergic reaction so quite tense watching his vital signs flicker up and down on the monitor for 2 1/2 hours trying to ignore the urge to use the en-suite. It makes me think back to when we were in Italy when he was monitored 24/7 and switched our pillows around on the bed so we could stare at the screen all night.

Sonny just started to cough and all hell let loose as he thought he was having an allergic reaction but turns out it was just a tickle and we can continue... hopefully he'll start to feel a bit better in a few days.

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