Friday, 20 November 2009

Zoe: Turned out nice...

What I'm learning about this situation is that something will always come along and nip you on the bum when you are least expecting it. Sonny starts a full week of chemo again next week and I thought he deserved a little treat to pep him up a bit. Our lovely community nurse had agreed to pop around early today to take Sonny's blood for testing so that he could catch a quiet 10.30 film at the cinema. I knew we'd be pushing it for time but Sonny's face was soon as wet as the weather when after an hour the nurse had to admit defeat and admit that the line was blocked. This meant that all thoughts of the cinema were abandoned as we had to make our way up to the local hospital to get it sorted. Sonny was livid... I think this was the last straw after months of being brave and simply sucking it up. We live in fear of something happening to his line as the memory of the painful canulas is still very fresh in all our minds. Thankfully, our fabulous Oncology nurse was waiting for him and calmly injected something into his line to clear the blockage telling us to return in 4 hours to see if it had worked - if not it would be x-rays and back to GOSH.

It all came good in the end though... with perfect timing we popped into Wagamamma for some tasty noodles and caught the fantastic Fantastic Mr Fox before returning to The Whittington. Sonny's face was soon beaming when he saw the red stuff quickly appearing into a syringe and we were sent on our way to enjoy the weekend.

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