Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Zoe: Purrrrrrrrroblems

Sonny is shattered today. He loved being with with mates again but he's a bit down today thinking of them all together at school. Watching Band of Brothers on the sofa with your mum is not a bad way to spend the day but he said he'd much rather be tearing around the playground and having lessons with his friends. He managed a ten minute maths game with his teacher today but started to feel rubbish so is now having a snooze.

In the meantime one of the cats seems to be deeply disturbed by Sonny's sudden reappearance. Just when the hygiene police are on full alert she has taken to using Sonny's beanbags and bedroom rug as her own personal toilet - r.e.v.o.l.t.i.n.g. I spent £50 on plug-in god-knows-whats on the advice of the vet today in the hope that they will calm her down and stop her being shipped out sharpish. Don't be fooled by this cute photo - she's still hiding from me so I'm unable to pap her looking all plump and grown-up.

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