Saturday, 16 January 2010

Zoe: Waiting Game

Phew. We are safely back in the bosom of Great Ormond Street. Sonny was sent for another PET scan yesterday but we won't get the results until Tuesday following a Lymphoma MDT (special meeting where clever people share ideas). Although Sonny's consultant has prodded him and said 'there's nothing growing here' we can't move forward until we know its business as usual. Gav remains incredibly positive but I'm going to admit that I'm scared out of my mind and am haunted by the fear. I've lost my 'deep down' primal sense and feel at a loss to trust any of my usual instincts. Hopefully, they will return when they tell us that its just another unexplained infection making him feel hot and rubbish.

Behind the scenes Ruby's been rehearsing hard for a dance competition. I thought my heart was going to bust out of my chest today with pride as I watched her perform on stage with her troupe at Sadlers Wells as part of U.Dance London. She's a super kid and her energy is the best parent medicine on the market.

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