Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gavin: Assassins need...

Sonny has been bumped off the procedure list again today due to emergencies that take precedence over his. This is obviously terribly frustrating for us and more importantly him, but at least he's not in the sort of state it takes to clear a full day of surgery for. Anyway, tomorrow is Oncology's theatre day which means he's guaranteed to be on that list unless a bus load of kids crash on the M1. Hopefully by lunchtime he should be sore and grumpy with a few stitches in his neck. Which means they can go off and 'light up' the cells to see what the next steps are. Which means we won't know anything for another week except that Sonny will probably have achieved the level of 'Master killer' on Assassins Creed... hence the photo.
Thanks to everyone who has left messages, texted their thoughts and commented on here. It really does mean a lot to us. Got to shoot as Sonny has just requested a yoghurt, which is equivalent to when those explorers first discovered the pyramids or something.


  1. Fingers crossed for a quiet day on the roads, for Sonny to be first on the list, and for many more requests for yoghurt over the weekend!
    Loads of love, the Tarrys xxx

  2. Just to let you know if it comes to bone marrow transplant I'll gladly get tested to see if I'm a match for the 'Master Killer' and hand over my bone marrow.. don't think I've got too many stem cells but I'll ask my customers to see how many they've got kicking around the lab! see if we can borrow them!.. Love u guys x
    Rich Kliskey