Sunday, 10 January 2010

Gavin: A long night...

As they can't find the route of Sonny's infection they are once again resorting to chucking drugs down his line every four hours (the highlights are in the handover notes from me in the picture above). This exhausts him and us, but until they grow something, there's nothing else to do. He is still spiking big temperatures but, in between those is pretty happy. Tomorrow is a Monday which means things should start moving a bit quicker. My advice: Never get ill over a weekend.


  1. hi all -
    just got back from France yesterday and had taken it for granted Sonny would be back to school with the ice being his main obstacle - really sorry to hear he's back in the Whittington - we're thinking of you all - there were lots of NCT memories relived with the Newlyns over the last week i'm sure your ears were burning...big hugs xx

  2. We just want to wish Ruby a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!! (tuesday) Have fun Ruby!!
    Love to Sonny too - hope you are back home really soon.
    And xx for the best parents in the world!!
    Lots and lots of love
    Eva, Maya, Rach and Andrew xxxx