Saturday, 16 January 2010

Zoe: Sonny's news

I've just given myself a bit of a talking too and realised my last blog was a little self indulgent. If Sonny was blogging he'd have told you this:

The physio came to see him yesterday and his walking has improved so much that he no longer needs to wear splints in his shoes! This is such amazing news and the physio couldn't quite believe how quickly he's started to recover. She also said that he didn't need to be bandaged into his hot, heavy resting splints in bed each night either unless he's in bed 24/7 which is truly fantastic and definitely worth a mention.


  1. It was not self indulgent at all. Good work little man on the walking x

  2. Self indulgent my arse...You're entitled to an ugly public meltdown...I think you're far too dignified!!! ;)