Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gavin: The facts as we know them.

There are two things they think could be wrong with Sonny:
1) He has relapsed under chemotherapy: This is unlikely in our (and probably more importantly, the Doctor's) opinion. His results to now, despite other illnesses, have been good and this would mean that the tumors have regrown in three weeks despite Hodgkins being a slow growing cancer. We both feel that the Wittington has compared old x-rays and not known the full facts. However, it needs to be followed up and, if correct will change his treatment radically. I'm not sure if we're convincing ourselves that they are wrong because it's difficult to comprehend or, we now feel we know more about Sonny than they do.
2) He has an Infection: This could be anything from EBV (the virus that became glandular fever before), a fungal infection, something bacterial or indeed the cough that seems to be getting worse. The bottom line is, he isn't responding to 4 hourly infusions. And these are some serious what-you-get-when-your-leg-gets-bitten-off-by-a-shark-antibiotics.
So, PET scan tomorrow with results of that and the EBV test on Monday.
My money is on EBV. See you in March.

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