Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Gavin: Results

We received the results of the PET/CT scan this evening that show Sonny has relapsed under treatment. This means the tumors in his chest have become active again despite chemotherapy and the lumps in his neck are new cancer tumors.
From here he will have a new biopsy to ensure we are fighting the correct disease and begin high-level chemo followed by radiotherapy. To ensure the disease is completely gone, Sonny will then need either a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.
The reasons for this relapse could either be a particularly nasty form of cancer, or cells that have escaped chemotherapy and become more resilient. We are concerned because our consultant is.
We are trying to convince ourselves that Sonny had a life-threatening disease yesterday and he still has one today - nothing has changed in terms of the intricacies of getting him well again. But in all honesty I think we both feel it's time he had a break.


  1. Thoughts and prayers.. you've got them all. You all deserve a break and here's hoping it comes soon.
    Lots of love,
    Tarrys xx

  2. All your friends in Italy are praying for you. Stay strong and keep your hopes up.
    Love you all
    Anna Rita

  3. you are a super strong family - dig deep and I hope you feel some comfort in all the love thats out there for you xxx

    Reuben's tumour went away, it does happen.

  5. Words arn't easy now but you are a truly amazing boy Sonny and Ruby a truly amazing sister with two truly amazing parents. Everybody is wishing, thinking, praying for you all.
    Lots and lots of love Rach, Andrew, Eva and Maya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. We are always thinking of you, stay strong lots of love and hugs,claire, Lee, Hayley, Laura, Lucy and Olivia xxxxxx

  7. Our hearts are all with you guys. Keep the faith and be strong. So easy to type, so tough to do we know. All our love and care.

    Mark and Diane XXXXXX

  8. Dear Zoe, Gav, Sonny and Ruby,
    we can only begin to imagine how you are feeling. you are the best family anyone could ever wish for. Sonny is a strong kid and I am sure that set backs are all part of this godawful rollercoaster. we are all thinking of you, praying like mad and sending you so much love. Becky, David, Alex, Harry and Freddie. xx

  9. We are all thinking of you.

    With so much love Mandy Dave Lola and Sid XXX