Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Gavin: 12 hours...

9am: Request for a doctor to fill us in on where we are on the monumental news from yesterday
10am: More fussing and grim news. We're not convinced about their thought process and how they are arriving at their prognoses but keep it to ourselves.
11am: Doctor tells us that our consultant at GOSH has reviewed the scans on the CD sent from the Wittington and there is concern about a new growth. PET scans will be booked in when the world leader in tumors arrives tomorrow. A new biopsy will have to be undertaken as well. We know this could mean chest surgery. There is a renewed urgency in a transfer. We collapse.
12 noon: baked beans are served for Sonny twice, after chedder too strong on first go. We're worried our brave faces are starting to show.
1pm: Sonny asleep. We discuss options together and try to reassure ourselves that a new tumor is treatable and not the end of the road. Officially, this is now all too much for us to deal with but we must.
2pm: Temperature, drugs, more shit brave faces.
3pm: We are told that the scans never left the Wittington and that somehow, our consultant is reviewing old scans. Incredibly.
4pm: Zoe drives the CD to GOSH rather than trust the courier. She waits until a doctor opens them up on a PC to be sure. Doctor thinks they look alright.
5pm: Sonny asleep. We discuss the fact that despite incompetence, the tumors may have regrown. Or not. Who know. After 24hours we're shot to pieces. The facts remain that despite industrial strength antibiotics he isn't improving. We'll deal with the idiots later.
6pm: Top gear on Dave, Sonny chirpy. More shit brave faces.
7pm: We're assured of a transfer tomorrow. We can't wait. The nurses here are amazing, treating Sonny with the upmost care because they don't see this very often. the doctors? I'll let you know when we have the facts.
8pm: Dinner with Ruby for her birthday. She has a lovely time despite her brother not being there. You forget that amongst chemo this and cancer that, all the two of them want to do is have a laugh together and celebrate the fun stuff.
9pm: Temperature, drugs, a renewed brave face as we've convinced ourselves we now know more than the doctors do about the outcome. Tomorrow will be another day.


  1. Guys we wish we could transmit you some telepathic strength...in any case you have more strength and resolve than anyone we know even on these difficult days. we're all thinking about you xxx

  2. Hear, hear
    xxxFranny, Gus & co.