Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Zoe: Snowed In

We are still in limbo, waiting for a bed to become free at GOSH. We thought we were going to transfer today but the fresh snow means a bed won't be free now until tomorrow morning. While we wait Sonny's temperature is continuing to creep up and up despite regular doses of paracetamol. Its all feeling strangely familiar... Can't wait to get to GOSH and get some answers. They are now saying that they are having technical difficulties with the scans and we can't help feeling we are being fobbed off until we arrive. We're cool with that though as we'd rather hear any news from the horses mouth rather than in a game of medical whispers. Hopefully, no one else will have an emergency bed situation bigger than ours and we'll only have to keep our brave faces on for one more day.

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