Sunday, 24 January 2010

Gavin: Bedside blog V

Our lovely mate Andy has lent us his mac again, so I'm no longer tapping these entries out on my phone. Predictive text is a wonderful thing, but fraught with danger if you don't go back and correct 'enemas' when you meant 'loads of energy'.
Sonny is doing really well. Although we're aware there's long term issues with high dose steroids, in twelve hours they've dropped his temperature, sorted his potassium level, given him more strength and started him eating again. You realise why they're banned in sport.
Today he has eaten 3 slices of pizza, 4 slices of malt loaf and downed nearly a litre of juice. If The Mighty Arsenal™ had decided to actually travel to The Brittania Stadium today it would have been perfect. They were utterly ship.


  1. SOOooo pleased to read this post! Well done Sonny and gang. I'm sure the week ahead will be far more positive than the one behind you.
    Love you all loads,
    The Tarrys xx

  2. You lot should get some sort of award or something! It blows our minds how brilliant you all are.
    Glad you kicked off and made the consultants run around after you. Sending you huge enormous, lift you off the floor and into another world hugs!
    The Fordes xxxx

  3. Well done Sonny !! It is SO SO brilliant to see the pic of you sitting up and smiling. You are one very brave and super strong young man. Superman Sonny should be your new nickname. Keep up the good work.

    I hope all the Anderson family is all feeling calmer and that you all have a chance to recharge your batteries a little.

    All my love, Mark ( in Ibiza ) x

  4. Gavin & Zoe, Sonny & Ruby,

    We've just heard about Sonny's illness and have figured out how to follow your news.

    It's great to see Sonny up and smiling in bed, just sorry the news from the Arse V Stoke couldn't have been any better.

    Keep going Sonny, you always were the finest ball battler at Islington Green Soccer School!

    Much love to you all from The Dixons -

    Kirsten, Gareth, Kezia, Ted & Rory X

  5. Fantastic news, great to see you smiling Sonny!!!!! Eva will be pleased to see the happy picture of you. xxxx

  6. Dear Zoe Gavin Sonny and Ruby
    So glad to hear Sonny feeling better!
    Sending you all lots of love, positive thoughts and enormous hugs
    Love to you all
    Clare Neil Jessica Emily and Louie Towner

  7. Nice one Sonny! :))) X (from me) xx (from Reuben & Orlando)