Friday, 22 January 2010

Zoe: Nil by mouth day three

05.30: Sonny has his last drink before his biopsy.
10.00: Potassium level 2.4 too low for procedure.
10.30: More potassium infused and levels taken.
12.00: Potassium level 2.8 it needs to be above 3.
12.30: Oncology surgery list close for the week. I lose it.
13.00: Doctors make lots of urgent phone calls to Sonny's consultant.
13.15: Consultant has very big argument with Theatre.
13.30: Consultant and five other doctors come to see Sonny and assure us that everything is being done to make sure the procedure takes place today. Consultant lets on that she's been called 'rude' by theatre staff.
14.00: Another potassium infusion
15.00: Visit from a friends sister who is a high level roaming nurse (CSP). Suggests to our doctor to add Magnesium.
15.30: Magnesium infusion.
16.40: Levels taken and the wait begins again.
18.00: Potassium 3.6.
18.15: Frantic phone calls to theatre.
18.30: Another potassium infusion to ensure it doesn't dip again.
18.35: Procedure scheduled for 10pm tonight.


  1. will be thinking of you all tonight, good luck and take care. love you guys loads. xxxxxxxx

  2. Zoe and Gavin, our thoughts and prayers are with you guys. So many hugs and kisses. Dawn

  3. same, and you are fab Sonny, braver than anyone we know xxxx

  4. Have had everything crossed all day, really really hoping, wishing, praying...
    Clare x

  5. have been thinking about you all.... sending you lots of love .. and praying that everything falls into the right place and the system gets into action.. big hugs xxx nat.