Saturday, 23 January 2010

Gavin: Theatre of dreams

Sonny went into theatre this morning at 9am where they successfully took the biopsy and some bone marrow. Our relief (and those of our medical team) is palpable. Despite feeling sore and generally grolly, Sonny is now back in his room under observation. Although this procedure won't give us any miracle cure, it does mean that he can now start steroids which will have a pretty immediate effect on how he feels by reducing his temperatures and sickness.
It will be another week to ten days before we know any results - and that's presuming the sample will actually provide any. The main hurry with getting this done was so he could restart treatment, which is why we're not holding our breath that anything will actually have changed through this little episode.
The picture is of the actual cancer tumor that was removed. I imagined it would be jet black and throw itself against the side of the jar if you got too close, but it actually looks like a bit like a crab stick.



    this little girl (friend of a friend's litle girl) is now on the road to recovery - comparing other patients reminds me of the comparable the top trumps you mentioned.

    Forgive me if this is wrong, as I can only empathise and wanna hug you all, however, here's the bone marrow BLOG page link, for passing the time maybe. PHOEBE is looking one hell of a lot healthier now. There's hope and so much support and love for you all out there.