Monday, 11 January 2010

Zoe: Transfer News

Today was a day of tests. Medical tests and by the time of writing this mental strength too. The doctors here have been in touch with Great Ormond Street since Friday as all their normal tests hadn't revealed anything to treat. Today it was time to delve a little deeper so Sonny had another echo, ultra sound and a CT scan. The echo and ultra sound didn't show any infection but the radiologist thinks he has found a new tumor. We are keeping an open mind. The doctors here haven't seen his latest PET scan which showed a good reduction so we hope they are comparing this new CT scan to their old Xrays. They don't have any of the recent images held by Great Ormond Street. This is where shared care becomes a freaking nightmare as this is monumental news that could be wrong and we are meant to just wait and see. Great Ormond Street are trying to free up a bed but this may take a few days. They'll look at this new scan tomorrow so we should hopefully know more soon - good or bad.

Thankfully, Gav's lovely Mum and Dad are here to make sure Ruby's birthday doesn't get completely sidelined...

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