Thursday, 7 January 2010

Gavin: Quick update

Sonny looks to be spending the next couple of nights in hospital. He's pretty chirpy but keeps spiking a temperature so they'll keep an eye on him and wait for blood results to come back to see if anything nasty is growing in him. He's eating and chatty and not in any pain so fingers crossed it will be another unexplained virus. 48 hour results won't be until 6pm Friday and no doubt all the doctors will have gone by then so I suspect Saturday at the earliest for a return home.

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  1. Grrrrr was still refreshing pages for 2009 thinking there was no news then realised there were news pages BUT 2010!!!!! I will get into 2010 by about august. So just caught up on the highs and lows of this year so far. Our boys went to see the Pied Piper on new years eve and loved it too Ruby. Sending all our love and positive vibes to u guys x x thinking of u x x x