Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Zoe: Nil by mouth

The surgical team visited Sonny late last night and drew a nice fat arrow next to his lump. We were told that he was first on the emergency surgery list pending any other family disasters. This meant nil by mouth from 7.30am. To prepare him for the surgery he was given a big bag of plasma and lots and lots of potassium as his levels still keep dipping. Sonny was cool about the op describing biopsies as 'a walk in the park' but wasn't too happy as all the bags of fluid meant that he spent most of the day sitting on the loo. Couple that with a very dry mouth and being rigged up to his drip stand and wired up to a heart monitor we had one rather unhappy boy on our hands. Anyway, someone was having a worse day than us as we got told to stand down at 6.30pm and they'll try again tomorrow. Sonny gladly shut his eyes for 40 winks so we nipped over the road for a very quick (wet eyed) drink, Happy Birthday Gav, bloody love you x

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  1. Dear Zoe, Gav, Ruby and Sonny, here's hoping you were top of 'the list' today and that if you were Sonny is recovering comfortably and that you can all breathe out for little while. You are in the best place, with the most dedicated staff and I am sure they are pulling out all the stops to solve this one. I send some extra strong reslience and compassion to you all. Love Melinda xxxxx