Friday, 8 January 2010

Zoe: Bedside Blog III

Sonny's blood markers still indicate an infection but we won't have the results of the blood cultures back until tomorrow morning. Sonny's Doc is very frustrated... the blood cultures take 48 hours but as Sonny was admitted in the evening everybody from the lab would have gone home so his bloods wouldn't have been entered onto the system until the following morning - making him have to spend a potentially needless night in hospital. The Doc would like me to write to our MP to tell them how stupid it all is, the cost of patients spending extra nights in hospital compared to lab technicians working through the night kinda argument. I'm not as worked up about it as our Doc as I don't have to live with this situation every day. I'm just happy that Sonny is pretty ok and that we are having 'going home' discussions.

In the meantime poor Ruby is freaking out... its her birthday party tomorrow and she's worried its all going to get spoilt. I'll make sure we have fun but I can't see it being quite the hotbed of chaos that normally reigns supreme unless... Sonny can be kept here for another night... only joking!

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