Monday, 18 January 2010

Zoe: News news...

Gavin spotted a new lump on Sonny's neck yesterday. It was Sunday night and after prodding it a bit, the doctor on duty thought it was probably nothing to worry about (not possible). Anyway, Sonny had the lumped looked at by ultrasound this afternoon and on first look another Oncology Consultant agreed with the weekend Doc but said the scans would be sent along to the fancy meeting tomorrow at UCH. This is now taking place in the afternoon so we may not know the outcome until Wednesday morning. Apparently, the results of tomorrow's meeting may be inconclusive - it depends if a lightbulb goes off during the meeting so we have to be prepared that we may be no further forward.

Meanwhile, Sonny's temperatures remain the same. The daily cocktail of antibiotics are giving him diarrhea and he feels too sick to eat anything. He's managed to eat 1 slice of pizza, 2 yoghurts and a bag of Skips since Thursday and the threat of a nasal food tube is looming large on the horizon.

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  1. Hello Zoe and family - I've been doorsteeping you since Sunday and realised you were away again & v sorry to see it is hospital. I have actually got two nice bulbs for sonny and ruby (hyacinths) which are the children in our street's reward for helping with those tree pits and making islington all bloomy. I'll give them attention at home and then when you are ready (and if allowed/wanted) you can have a burst of hyacinths at home. We are on 0779 2717140 or 020 7704 6420 if you need anything, nicola.