Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Zoe: Day release

I'm thrilled to report that Sonny is really rather well at the moment. The steroids have properly kicked in and he has been off the TPN pump (feeding tube) for a whole day. This means that he's free to move around as he doesn't have to push a heavy drip stand around with him wherever he goes. He is so well that he could go downstairs to the Hospital School - only our ward is on 'lockdown' due to an outbreak of some very nasty infections. The whole place smells like a swimming pool while every inch is scrubbed clean and all movement on the ward has been restricted meaning no visitors. Boo. Sonny hasn't been able to leave his room since Monday. So it was a great surprise today to be told that he was free to go out into the real world. We should be getting his new treatment protocol tomorrow and from what I've heard I don't think he'll be up to much once it gets started so within 5 minutes we had his coat on and were out the door. As you can see, the steroids took us to Ciao Bella for a well earned treat, meravigliosa!

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  1. Hi All, so glad to hear you could have a little time off the ward... god that looks delicious!!!!!! Keep up the good work sonny. lots of hugs from us down in freezin Seafordxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Claire, L,H,L,L,O.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx