Monday, 4 January 2010

Gavin: A question of taste

Sonny's taste buds are playing havoc with what he can and can't eat. Generally, it's sweet and fatty stuff that he can't abide, turning his nose up at The Fine Burger Co on Upper Street when I shouted up a New Years Day lunch. There's a theory that your body only craves stuff that can help it but I'm not sure where Haribo fits into that argument.
Anyway, he's latest craving is noodles, so we've bought an oriental cook book and took a trip to Chinatown to get all the interesting ingredients needed for tonights Duck breast soup. I'm so pleased my wife could easily be a masterchef contender.
In other news, he's doing really well. No temperatures mean no trips to the Shittingdon and his feet seem so much better every day. A return to school tomorrow is on the cards and, friends are now coming round regularly to play. This improvement is more than we could hope for.
I have to go now as the kids are playing Rock Band with chopsticks on their glasses and driving us mental. Sayonara.

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